Real cards mailed from your phone, tablet or computer

Create and MAIL cards from your phone, tablet or computer then SendOutCards 
will print, stuff in envelope, address, stamp & take them to the post office for you!

The system is free, you only pay for the cards & gifts you send.

Cards are as low as $1.17 and postcards as low as .39 cents with no minimum quantity.


Customer Appreciation and Relationship Marketing Drive MORE Business!

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Master Relationship Marketing:

The Master Relationship Marketing Training Portal presents educational videos which teach you how to bridge the gap between high tech and personal touch, as well as how to define your brand.

Founder and CEO Kody Bateman will personally walk you through each session while you gain valuable insight and begin to put your new marketing efforts in to action. This is your chance to have Kody available anytime of day to teach you how to help your company retain your customers by becoming a Master at Relationship Marketing.

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Custom Brand The Back of Your Cards

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Your First 2 Cards Are Free... Including Postage!

The system is free to use,
you just pay for the cards you send
and the first 2 are free!

Individual Card Prices (no minimum quantity):

$1.17: Preferred Customers
$1.47: Retail Customers
$1.98: Pay As You Go


No Contracts - No Commitments - No Risk

Download the app and MAIL your 2 free cards!

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SendOutCards has a lot more to offer!

Be a customer and just send cards & gifts or
get paid to share the app with business associates & friends


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